Saturday, June 20, 2009

The "other" house

Mark has been hard at work on the framing for the rehab house we're working on. The second floor is completely framed and he's now working on the first floor. Here's some recent pics: (And yes, he's doing all of this by himself!!)

First Floor from living room through dining room to kitchen
(use your imagination)

1st floor stairwell off kitchen (the window will be drywalled over)

1st floor kitchen to back entry/office and 1st floor half bath

2nd floor top of stairwell (soon to be closet for 2nd bedroom)

2nd floor from 2nd bedroom--directly in front is the 2nd bath (accessed from the hallway)

2nd floor hallway from master bedroom to stairwell--off to the right is the laundry closet

2nd floor from master bedroom through master closet to master bath (the large door frames are for pocket doors)


Pi Princess said...

I was wondering how the house was coming along. Thanks for the update. We'll get pictures of our house up soon. We've been so crazy busy that I haven't had time to take any!

Sarah Halter said...

Wow - way different than what I saw last year!

Marsha said...

Are you guys going to hang the drywall yourselves?

Courtney said...

It will depend. We will definitely be hiring someone to tape and mud the drywall. Mark can do it, but we'd rather pay someone to do it perfectly than fight with obvious seams. Mark is still debating whether or not he wants to hang the drywall himself, and some of it may depend on when we are ready to hang the drywall (comparing cost to pay someone to do it vs. the amount of time it would take Mark).

Faith said...

Wow...pocket doors. I'd love to know more about that. Will the closet and bathroom both have pocket doors? And how does a walk through closet work? I just bought a house and I'm redoing the oddly shaped master and I'd love some ideas.

Marsha said...

When you guys get to that point, if you are interested, give me a call and I will get you in touch with my brother David. He was a journeyman taper until he left to pursue other employment.