Monday, June 29, 2009

Surgery today

Danielle's surgery today went really well! We arrived at 8:30am, she was in surgery under anesthesia by 9:30, and back in her room by 10:30.

She was super panicked from the moment we went into the room that was "ours" for the duration of our visit. She wanted nothing to do with anyone and pretty much just whined/cried. Unfortunately after each person finished what they were doing (taking her blood pressure, listening to her heart, whatever) they would each say "all done!", which she took to mean we were ALL DONE and going home soon. Not even close. :)

They allowed me to go back with her to the OR and I stayed with her until she was under the anesthesia. Then they brought me back to recovery before she woke up, so she never knew I was gone. She was very clingy and refused to let me out of her sight the whole time, so it was wonderful that they allowed me to be with her as much as possible.

Danielle did really well with the anesthesia. She woke up crying and very disoriented, but after she was a little bit awake they gave her some oxycodone and that settled her down and she slept for about another hour. When she woke up again she was much more content but wanted to go home. :) We hung out long enough for her to drink some apple juice then headed home. She threw up once at home (not at all at the hospital), slept a bit more, and has been absolutely fine ever since.

The surgeon said the surgery went well. We'll have a post-op visit in about a week to check and see how Danielle's eye alignment is holding up. Her eyes are very red (but less than I expected) but don't seem to be bothering her much at this point. I'll try to post some before and after pictures as soon as possible. I didn't take any after pictures of her eyes today as they were pretty sensitive to light and I didn't want to use the flash on her. :)


The Flying Eagle said...

so happy to hear all went well.

Julie said...

Praise God that it went well this morning! Please keep us posted on her recovery.

his wife, their mama said...

So glad to hear things went so well. It sounds like she responded just like many young ones would to such an out of the ordinary ordeal, especially with the anesthesia. I'm looking forward to hearing about her recovery!

Christine said...

Poor baby. Glad to hear she is recovering nicely. Dennis threw up after surgery the first few times. Now that they changes anti-nausea medicines he is usually fine afterwards.

Hoping for a quick recovery.