Thursday, June 25, 2009

A little summer cleaning

Yesterday the big kids wanted to go out on the back deck to play. We hadn't let Danielle play out there yet because there's not a railing and I don't really want her to fall off of the deck. Her balance isn't so hot and I was afraid if one of the boys bumped her she'd go right over. But they all wanted to go out so I finally acquiesced. The little one wanted to go too but I promptly vetoed that and kept her inside with me.

I wanted to stay where I could see them so I cooked up some beef for dinner and then was at a loss. I was trying to stay close to the window to keep an eye on them, but the window was so dirty it was hard to see...say, how about cleaning the window?!? ;)

I went to town cleaning the windows in the kitchen yesterday. I was shocked at how clear the window really was once I got it clean! When we moved into the house, we were doing so many other (major) repairs that the minor task of cleaning got relegated to...well, never. And there it stayed.

Until yesterday.

I am happy to report that once I cleaned the window it was so clean it actually looked like there wasn't a window there.

Gives me hope for the rest of the house. Eventually.

Oh, and only one kid fell off of the deck (while doing something he wasn't supposed to) and they managed to do some yardwork for me while they were at it as they thought it was a great game to pull all of the weed vines off of the lattice and railings on the deck!

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