Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yes, plural.

I really need to figure out how to start updating this every day. Otherwise I end up with so much to post that I either leave things out or have to write a novel. :)

Danielle had her ophthalmology appointment on Tuesday morning for her strabismus. We were surprised and pleased to learn that her vision in each eye is actually very good and she does not need glasses. This is because her strabismus switches eyes depending on which eye she is using to focus. So if she is focusing on something with her left eye, her right eye will be turned in, and if she is focusing with her right eye her left eye will turn in. Because her strabismus is not an issue of muscle weakness she does not need patching. Instead she will have surgery. The surgeon will release muscles on the inside corner of both of her eyes in a relatively short surgery...five days after Emily's surgery (to put tubes in and for the cleft palate surgeon to decide what can be done with her palate).

Thankfully both surgeries are pretty minor and they will both be able to go home the same day. Emily's surgery is next Wednesday and Danielle's is the following Monday, but we won't know times for either of them until the day before the surgery.

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Tami said...

We'll be praying for the girls as they go through these surgeries for quick healing. And for you...its no fun watching your little ones go through this kind of stuff! :)