Monday, September 14, 2009

The boys' first soccer game

Saturday was the boys' first soccer game and as a surprise to everyone (especially their coach!) they won!

More importantly, they had a good time and got a lot of exercise. Several of the boys on the team played last year on a kindergarten team, so they've got a few on the team who have a general idea of what they're supposed to be doing. That is really helpful. :) Mark rotated the kids through different positions and they did a really good job. A couple of the goals scored were even the result of teamwork and passes!

A few pictures of the game--Zhenya is number 4 and Dima is number 6.

Early game lecture

Zhenya and coach Mark

Dima on the run

Dima checking out the competition

Dima on the attack


The Flying Eagle said...

I could have guessed that Mark would coach :-) So fun! I cannot believe how big the boys have gotten!

DoveFamily said...

Great pics... and I love their team colors :)

Courtney said...

Isn't that funny? Our boys and a few others from their school are playing a combined team with another school and those are the colors of the other school. :)

Diane said...

The next generation of the O-Team!

Tina said...

"Dima checking out the competition" is a hilarious caption. His posture is perfect for it. Love it!