Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall cleaning

This weekend we were able to get some much needed cleaning done in addition to the usual weekend activities.

The boys had a soccer game on Saturday but it was probably one of the shortest games on record as they called the game shortly after the first quarter (each quarter is 12 minutes). It was a rainy, stormy day and as soon as there was some lightning and thunder the referee called the game. Good thing he did as about 5 minutes later it was downpouring! Alex was disappointed that he didn't score a goal. ;)

Danielle and I went shopping at Walgreens on Saturday. I wanted to pick up some more eye patches for her but the one we went to didn't have any. So instead we picked up $25 worth of stuff for $0.90. I love shopping trips like that. :) Danielle had a great time helping hold things and knocking things over (she's still pretty uncoordinated and bumps into a lot of things). She was super excited to go shopping with me, and I think even more so that she was the only one that went with me. Emily was not happy that she did not get to go.

Today I started switching all of the kids' clothes over to fall/winter clothing. In school they aren't allowed to wear shorts from Oct 1-April 1 and since I realized that Oct 1 is this week(!) I figured I better get a move on making sure everyone has pants. I had Danielle try on some pants (which she said she "really liked" :)) that have a button in front but elastic in the back. Since she can pull them on and off without using the button I stitched the button flap together so it wouldn't pull on the button when she pulls them on and off. Her teacher has a lot more kids than usual this year and several with various degrees of neediness (including mine), so I'm trying to minimize sending Danielle with anything that she needs help with. While she can do buttons, it takes a lot of time and work and I know her teacher would just end up doing it for her. Plus it empowers Danielle as she can do everything "by 'self" (by herself) which she loves.

Mark organized and cleaned our office as well. Unfortunately we moved into our new house right before we went to get the girls (literally a few weeks) and we've never had a good chance to get everything cleaned and organized. We got the necessity painting done before we moved in and that was it. We've still got boxes packed and lots of things we want to get done to the house that are just going to have to wait. Hopefully we'll be able to continue to clean over the next few weeks and really start getting settled. Mark also took out all of the window air conditioners upstairs. It's supposed to get in the 40's a night this week so I think we're about done with air conditioning!


Tina said...

I did some cleaning and organization this past weekend too, and it is amazing how good it made me feel. You should have seen our bathroom closet. There are several shelves, and one in particular was just a disaster. I ended up going to Big Lots (love that store!) and buying a package of 4 canvas-type square storage containers that were super inexpensive but very clean/modern looking. A few hours later of cleaning, organizing, and throwing stuff out...I'm so proud of this particular shelf that I might have to take a picture of it and post it to the blog!

You guys will get all of your stuff done; it's more than understandable as to why there are still things in boxes.'ve got two houses, both are big and need yours and Mark's TLC and handy-man abilities, and you have 4 littles ones and 2 furry ones to care for. All great reasons as to why the cleaning/organizing haven't gotten done. :) Let the tasks come later, I say!

BT said...

Your stories of Danielle always remind me so much of our older son when he first came home. He was 5.25 yo. We went through the same learning curve on the clothing, and with gross and fine motor skills in general. Here is a toy that was a big hit in our household. It is called Learn to Dress Monkey. You might have to scroll down within this website: