Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm giving up because I'm confusing myself trying to post on the blog. :)

The boys have chosen to go by their English names so I will now be referring to them as Alex and Tim on the blog. They are still alphabetical, so hopefully this won't be too confusing. It's taken us awhile to adjust but they really are serious about this (particularly Alex) so it will be easier for me to keep it consistent on the blog too.


Tina said...

I have to admit, this is going to take some work on my part too. - I've been so used to reading about Dima and Zhenya!

When we were really little, for some reason, I guess my parents were too lax about what we were to call our older siblings. My parents let us younger kids call the older ones by their first name, which is pretty much a no no in Vietnamese culture. - You are to always use a title to denote respect to any one older than you. So when I was 7 or so, they realized they didn't want us speaking disrespectfully anymore to the older sibs, and so I had to start calling them by these names:

Kim became "Chi Hai"
Em became "Anh Ba"
Be became "Chi Bon"
Tan became "Anh Sau"
and poor Nhung became...well, just Nhung! She and I are only 11 months apart so it felt too weird calling her by a title. She was cool with it. :) It was a weird adjustment, but time took care of it. Now, when I want to be BOLD and fun, I'll call my sister Kim...well, "Kim", and we'll both laugh about how "inappropriate" it is! It does feel so odd calling her by her first name.

So I do understand the change in names! I think it's awesome that the boys made the decision and want all to abide by it! :)

Tami said...

I find myself calling Alek, Alek all the time. Its crazy. He just looks at me like, 'who in the world is Alek, Mom?' ;)

Joann said...

I remember when my Natasha declared she was now Natalie. It took about a year home. Don't really know why she wanted to change, but she did.