Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Emily's dental work

Emily did well with her dental work yesterday. The dentist was unable to save one of her molars that was supposed to have a root canal and he ended up pulling that one (top left). Total was 3 root canals and corresponding crowns, 3 fillings, and 1 extraction. I am so happy she was sedated. :)

She did great with anesthesia (again) but was kind of loopy the rest of the day. She was also whiny because she'd missed a meal and Emily LOVES to eat. She pestered Mark all morning with "Eat? Eat? Eat?" because the big kids were eating and he couldn't give her anything--not even water. She did survive (although I'm sure she thought she wouldn't make it) and then came home and promptly downed an entire PB&J sandwich, a pile of goldfish crackers, and three cookies. She didn't seem to be in any pain yesterday and her only restriction is no sticky foods (fruit snacks, gummy bears, etc.).

Last night when I started to brush her teeth I went to the back of her mouth and she winced as she understood what I was doing. Then she got a surprised look on her face as I was able to brush all of her teeth without any pain for the first time in months! Yay--no more pain!

The dentist was also able to make her impressions for Emily's obdurator so we're trying to figure out who needs those next. I don't know how much she'll like the obdurator, but I think she will love being able to communicate better. She's starting to talk enough now that there are a lot of times where I am having to tell her that I don't understand. She doesn't like it and I don't either!


Milena said...

Wow! I'm so happy that Emily did well, and above all that she isn't suffering from pain any more!

Leslie G said...

I'm so happy that everything went well. That's a lot of dental work for that tiny little mouth. So, tell us again, what is an obdurator? It fits in the roof of her mouth?

Bethany said...

I would want to be sedated for all that, too! Glad brushing teeth isn't torture anymore.

BT said...

So glad she sailed through. I can just imagine her look of realization that tooth-brushing no longer hurts. Gosh, brings back memories!