Thursday, September 17, 2009

Progress on many fronts

I'm excited to report that Danielle and I are starting to develop more of a relationship. This has been a lot of work on my part and I continue to struggle with it but I can see definite results. That encourages me to continue working so that she and I can have a great mother-daughter relationship throughout her life. In truth though, she's in love with her papa. :) In church on Sunday, he crossed his legs (ankle on knee) and while she normally crosses her legs like a girl as soon as she saw him do it she mimicked the exact same position. She will do anything and everything to get his attention (though her methods could stand some improvement). It's also understandable as she's never had a lot of male attention and isn't quite sure how to relate to him.

We finally seem to have found something that is of value to Dima. He loves playing soccer. So much so that when he was doing his homework the other night and started a wailing fit, I told him that if he didn't stop he would miss out on soccer practice.

He immediately stopped. Woohoo! We've been trying for a long time to find something of enough value to him that it would act as an incentive for him to change his behavior. Hopefully he continues liking soccer! Dima's also been doing really well in first grade academically. There are still a few gaps that we are addressing, but he's really doing a lot better than I had anticipated. Behaviorally he's still a bit on the young side I think, but he's making a lot of improvements and I'm really glad he has the teacher he does this year.

Emily's official insurance coverage letter for anesthesia (for her dental work) came through this week. I think they're only covering 80% but believe me I am happy they are covering any of it. She is absolutely loving preschool and they adore her. Her teacher works so hard at not being affectionate with her and I really do think it is paying off. Of course, just when I think we're making progress, she throws herself on some poor man at soccer practice. Sigh. It's a good thing she's cute!


his wife, their mama said...

I am so glad to read of the progress you all are making. I think of you all so much and continue to look forward to reading your blog every chance I get. You are such a strong lady and all of your children are so lucky to have both you and Mark as parents. Any child would be, but I know that God chose your children for you and you for them for very specific reasons. You continue to inspire me to give my best to my children, no matter the struggles I have. You are always in my prayers!

Tami said...

You ARE making progress! When Maddie has an incident like the soccer practice man, I try to remind myself of my first trip to Walmart with her when we came home...or her first hair appointment...or the first Sunday in church. There's SO much improvement over 18 months ago, that it always helps! Emily is making great progress too! It's just so hard to see it when you're so close. Glad you're able to remind yourself of that! :)
YAY for the improved relationship with Danielle! :)