Saturday, September 12, 2009

Could we please have a vaccination for every parasite known to man??

I am so fed up with parasites!!

The girls tested positive for giardia when they got home, so we treated that. Then Dima had the whole chewing-his-hands thing, and in the process he seems to have contracted ringworm--which is the equivalent of athlete's foot (which Zhenya has) and jock itch (which Dima also has). I'm pretty sure we've had some impetigo going around as well (on all of the kids). It seems like every day we're having to put a new cream or spray on someone.

Really, we do practice good hygiene. We all bathe, wash our hands (some of us better than others, granted), wear clean clothes...and yet we can't get rid of the vermin in our midst.


Winnie said...

kids are just germy and dirty. Don't you just want to dip them in lysol daily? ha ha

Tina said...

Oh man... I'd get so frustrated with that, especially because I'm a germaphobe and can hardly stand leaving the house without my trusty travel hand sanitizer! So sorry about all of the creaming and spraying needed in the Olmsted household!