Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Soccer game #2

The boys had their second soccer game this past Saturday. Mark had to work and I forgot the camera, so I don't have any pictures. Which is unfortunate, because Alex scored a goal!

...against his own team. :)

It was a great goal--he dribbled the ball and shot it in, and he threw his hands up in the air in celebration afterwards shouting "Yay!"

After the game, he was still confused as to why it was wrong. He thinks the point of soccer is to kick the ball in the net...any net. He doesn't understand why it matters which net he kicks it into. I got a big kick out of it and so did Mark.

It was even funnier because Mark had made a comment last week that Alex would be a good little soccer player once he figured out which direction to go. :)

Tim spent most of his time watching the ball go by, or kicking at it when it was three feet away. I'm thinking he's just not a soccer player, which is fine. Right now he's going to be doing good to make it out of kindergarten. He has kicked up the obnoxiousness several levels in the past week. He's been missing out on some special events as a result and he's learning that he has some pretty stubborn parents who will actually enforce the rules they set. Go figure. ;)

Please pray for Emily. Today is her dental surgery. They will start anesthesia about 9:30am CST.


BT said...

Thinking you Emily today! Hope she comes through it as smoothly as our son did. (Ours came home around 7 pm and asked to eat dinner of very solid food. We were worried about pain, but his first comment was (broken english to the effect of) "I can't believe it doesn't hurt to eat." Made us realize that, before the surgery, "normal" for him was pain whenever he ate.)

Courtney said...

The dentist said the kids aren't usually in much if any pain afterwards. Emily doesn't usually complain when she eats, but we had stopped brushing her back molars (the ones getting root canals) because it made her cry and caused her to be in so much pain she couldn't go to sleep at night. :( Hopefully this gets rid of all of the pain!

Tami said...

Praying for Emily today.
Hee-hee on Alex's goal! That's too cute! :)

Tina said...

How is Emily today?

I loved this story. I can totally relate, as I would have done exactly the same thing as Alex and gotten REALLY excited afterward! :)