Sunday, October 11, 2009

And so...

It was the shortest stomach flu in history. I think it lasted a grand total of about 6 hours. No fever, but Alex did throw up several times and felt very puny. He was done throwing up by Friday afternoon and slept a LOT all day Friday but was still a little under the weather on Saturday. We did let him go to a friend's birthday party on Saturday (after talking to the mom to make sure she was okay with it) and while he didn't have as much energy as usual he had a good time. And he slept really well Saturday night.

Thankfully, although I felt queasy all day Friday, I never threw up. :) Everyone else seems to be fine. I'd say it was something he ate except we all eat the same stuff. Who knows?

Today we got to see my sister and brother-in-law who happened to be in town. We had breakfast with them before they headed home and then we went to church. The kids are doing really well with sitting in church with us. Emily loves to sing which is really cute to watch. She's absolutely amazed when we sing--I'm not sure she had ever heard anyone sing before and didn't realize people could make noises like that. Now that she's figured it out she will walk around the house singing (which I do as well so it's not too surprising).

I'm still concerned about Alex even though he had a great day today. Full of energy, good appetite...really good day all around. But then tonight as he was writing his spelling words he asked for a Kleenex. Since his nose wasn't visibly running, I told him to finish the word he was on and then get one. All of a sudden I hear "MAMA!" and look up to see blood pouring out of his nose. It was a doozy of a bloody nose although we were able to get it stopped within 15-20 minutes. He was a good sport about it after he figured out that it didn't actually hurt and that Mark and I didn't think it was a big deal (or at least that's what it seemed like to him!). I'm hoping he doesn't get one at school although we went over what he needed to do if he got another one and I had him practice squeezing the correct spot on his nose to help stop the bleeding. I don't really mind if he gets one at just makes such a mess and I don't want him to panic over it. Never a dull moment... ;)

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