Friday, October 09, 2009

I'm glad I'm not a sympathetic puker

Yeah, you might want to stop reading after the title if you have a sensitive stomach. :)

Alex has the stomach flu. Maybe Emily, too, but if so hers is a little further down the line already. I got a call this morning that Alex had thrown up at school. Then I got a call from the preschool that Emily had had a massive diarrhea incident, and since there's been so much stomach flu going around they wanted me to come and get her. Then I got a second call from the school that Alex had thrown up again and needed to go home. And I wasn't feeling so hot myself.

We came home and Alex seemed to feel great--I thought this was another of his "morning sickness" problems which happens on occasion if he gets dehydrated. He was starving at lunch and I let him eat his school lunch, plus a banana.

It all came back up about 45 minutes later. He's been throwing up about every 30 minutes and he just feels yucky. A little while ago he asked to come downstairs. I think he had the idea that if he could get out of bed he would stop throwing up. He was downstairs for about 10 minutes before he requested to go back to bed. :)

Emily's had one more episode of diarrhea but seems to feel great. So if she's got the flu I think it's already working its way out of her system.

I am so grateful for the school our boys attend and that our house is so close. One of the teachers is walking Tim and Danielle home for me since I can't leave Alex and I don't think he'd be able to make the walk right now.

Here's hoping no one else comes down with it!

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Bethany said...

Oh, boy. Good luck dealing with all of it. Praying no one else gets sick! Especially you!