Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The theology of boys

Tim: Mama, how old is God?
M: Oh, he's pretty old. He's been around forever.
Tim: Is he 21?
M: No, much older than that.
Tim: Is he 121?
M: No, even older than that.
Tim: When I go to heaven, I'm going to ask God how old He is.
M: That sounds like a great idea.
Tim: But you go first and ask Him, okay?
M: Okay.
Tim: 'Cause you're going to heaven first, right?
M: I'm pretty sure.
Tim: So you go to heaven, then Alex and me, but not the girls because they're sisters.
M: Oh really?
Tim: Yeah. Sisters don't go to heaven. You just used to be a sister. So you can go to heaven now.

Oh how they make me laugh...dinnertime is never dull at our house!


Tina said...

Ryan and I are cracking up at this! Sisters don't go to heaven?? Well, then... I'm the wrong gender!

Milena said...

Oh, then that'll be the first time I'm glad I don't have a sister :-)