Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A few notables

Emily faceplanted off of the island in the kitchen. Yes, I know I shouldn't sit her up there, but it lets her watch and keeps her out from underfoot while I'm cooking. She leaned a little too far and went right off the edge. Good thing her nose is already a little flat. ;) She actually wasn't hurt at all, just scared.

I had an argument with Tim about Alex. He was stating that Alex didn't like the cars from the Cars movie. I told him he couldn't decide what Alex liked (Tim wanted the Cars pajamas that Alex was wearing). Alex ended the debate when he turned to me and said "No, I don't like the cars in the movie. I just like princesses."

Tim set up the chairs in the therapy waiting room and proceeded to "conduct" a concert while Emily and Alex were in speech.

Danielle has earned a caramel apple and a popcorn ball for excellent behavior at school on two separate days! She kept getting them confused so she kept telling people she got a "caramel popball".