Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meeting a princess

We had a busy weekend although we tried to make it feel pretty relaxed for the kids. Saturday morning was a dress rehearsal for our band concert today. Mark played in the dress rehearsal and I sat with the kids. We listened to a couple of pieces and then I took them out into the hall and we had a picnic lunch (it was way too cold to eat outside). As they finished eating, I sent them to the bathroom and then changed their clothes for the afternoon wedding we were attending.

Alex got all dressed up and then went back in to finish listening to the rehearsal--by himself! He did a great job sitting and listening. He's really growing up in so many ways. :) Tim and the girls stayed out in the hallway with me and I had just finished getting everyone dressed when rehearsal ended. I flew into the bathroom and changed and then we hit the road for a two-hour drive to the wedding. We arrived right as the wedding was starting and were there in time to see the bride walk down the aisle. As soon as Danielle saw Katy, she turned to Mark and said "Princess??" LOL She was infatuated with Princess Katy and her dress. It was adorable and so sweet to see.

The kids did great at the wedding. It helped that it was a Catholic wedding so we did lots of standing up and then sitting back down. Much better for them than sitting down the whole time. :) We had lots of time to play at the reception and the kids got their first taste of buckeyes (peanut butter balls covered in chocolate). We have lots of real buckeyes on our street so when Mark said there were buckeyes on the table to eat both of the boys wanted nothing to do with them until he explained what they were. :)

Sunday afternoon another couple came to the band concert to sit with the kids. They also brought their two boys who are in Alex and Danielle's classes so it was fun for the kids to have some other people there that they knew. All of the kids did really well at the concert. Emily in particular loves to mimic the conductor, although her favorite instrument by far is the cymbals. Tim commented that we also have a xylophone at home (a toy xylophone) like the one at the concert...and that he thinks we need to get some drums for home. Mark wasn't so keen on that idea and I told Tim he'd need to talk to his Aunt Diane (who's a percussionist). :) :)

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Aunt Diane says make some joyful noise:)