Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nolan Stark

One of my favorite parts of having our kids attend a Christian school is all of the historical Bible and Christian characters they learn about. Just last week at therapy, Tim and Danielle were playing Nolan Stark in the waiting room. I must confess to not being terribly familiar with this important personage of Biblical history.

Time was able to enlighten me through his play as I heard the following lines:

"Quick, Danielle, get in the Nolan Stark before God shuts the door! It's going to rain!"


Zack, Jenn and William said...

I literally laughed out loud at my office when I read this!

Pi Princess said...

I laughed out loud at work as well. Thank you for sharing this!

Jane said...

I was intrigued as to who Nolan Stark was when I read the title of your post. Now I know!!!!