Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Emily just went back to surgery.

It was ugly.

Mark and the kids had come up to visit and we went to the playroom and got to play bingo. Then we went back to the room and right as we got back our nurse informed us that the OR had called and would be sending someone up for Emily in a few minutes. The kids stayed and played for a few minutes and when the stretcher came up they all left. Emily opted to walk down to surgery instead of ride which was fine--she likes pushing the IV pole (see previous post on stress relief ;)). We had to take a separate elevator from her stretcher so when we got down to her prep room she and I walked in to wait for the stretcher.

She got into the middle of the room and then just stood there, staring at the ceiling, then almost fell over. I caught her and said "Hey, what's going on? You're falling over." She just started crying...really, really hard. I pulled her into my lap and we just cried together. I didn't mean to do it, but I lied to her when I told her that Monday's surgery was her last one for several months. She feels so betrayed by her doctors and by me (which she told me in slightly different words).

Here she was ready to start "eating" (drinking) and go home today, and now she's back in surgery. She's hurt and scared and really doesn't want to throw up.

I just want to make it all go away for her.   

Please pray for our little girl, that God would heal her mouth...and her heart.

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