Monday, January 20, 2014

In the PICU

There's not much to report since Emily's still sleeping. I did comment to Mark that it's weird to be in the same room with Emily and have it be quiet. ;)

She's having quite a bit of blood oozing from her mouth which is discouraging because it means there's probably also blood going into her stomach. Blood in the stomach=vomiting. :( The nurses did give me permission to suction her so I'm happy about that (not having to ask the nurse to come in every 20 minutes for something I can do). Because she's not supposed to have anything in her mouth, we're only suctioning any fluids right around the edges of her mouth but I figure anything that's not going into her stomach is helpful.

Mark's coming up in a few minutes (thanks, Brad!) to hang out with me for awhile. I'm mostly just sort of bored but also running on adrenaline. I'm not anxious or worried, but I can still feel that my body is running at a higher level than normal. So I'm listening to Joy FM online and annoying the floor with my singing. :) :) I checked out a couple of movies from the Family Resource Room (Soul Surfer and Neverending Story) so I should be well-entertained tonight.

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CrossRiver Media said...

Praying for you both! ((Hugs))