Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Thank you for all of your prayers. Emily's surgery went really well. She apparently threw up a little bit in the OR as she was coming out of anesthesia but she doesn't even remember that. There's now a little running joke because the male anesthesiologist washed one side of her hair and the female nurse washed the other side. Apparently the anesthesiologist didn't do so hot and they were chiding him about tangling her hair. :)

We didn't spend much time in recovery and came to our room quickly. Emily was alert but tired but didn't throw up at all! She did ask why she was crying before the surgery. I told her I thought she was really tired and just didn't want to do another surgery.

Mark and I were talking tonight and I think even if our surgeon came back tomorrow and said he needed to get back in there we would refuse. She just needs a break. So I don't see anything keeping her from going home tomorrow. She was "eating" (yogurt thinned with water to a drinkable consistency) and drinking hot chocolate and tea an hour after surgery and is now asleep. Praying for a good night and a discharge in the morning!


CrossRiver Media said...

We're continuing to pray for you and our sweet Emily! What a tough road you two have been down in the last few months. Praying that this time it takes and it really is the last surgery she needs. ((Hugs))

Thuy said...

Thinking of you all and praying for Emily's recovery to be quick and smooth. She is so blessed that you and Mark are her parents!!