Monday, January 20, 2014

Third surgery

All of my good blogging intentions just don't seem to be leading to posts...until it's surgery time again. I have a lot of free time on surgery days. :)

Emily went back to surgery at 11am and I just got a call from the nurse that they are starting the procedure. She'll be admitted to the PICU when she's done. If I understand everything correctly, if they have to leave the breathing tube in (through her nose) she'll stay sedated in the PICU. If they can remove the breathing tube she'll go to recovery and have some wake up time and then be sent to the PICU.

She's getting the tongue flap this time (really and truly) and the surgeon is using permanent sutures instead of dissolving sutures. She will come back in about three weeks to have those removed. Please pray for her surgery and especially coming out of anesthesia. They're adding all of the anti-nausea drugs they have available this time. :)

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