Monday, January 20, 2014

Surgery is done

Emily's surgery is done and I am in the PICU waiting for them to get her settled. The surgery went pretty well but they did decide to leave the breathing tube in so she will remain sedated until that is removed--hopefully tomorrow but the ICU gets to decide that. :) Her surgeon feels good about the tongue flap but he felt good about the cheek flap as well, so we have to wait and see if Emily's mouth feels good about the flap and is willing to heal.

Mark and the kids went to the zoo today after the plumber finished the plumbing in the kitchen. They REALLY like it when Emily has surgery because they have a few days off of school and they get to do fun field trips with papa. Yesterday Emily said she wanted papa to go with her to surgery and when I asked her why she said "so the other kids can have school." Nice. ;)

At Emily's first December surgery Mark and the kids went to the Missouri History Museum homeschool day and got to take a carriage ride. Today they rode on the train at the zoo (thanks, Babushka!) and were watching gorillas wrestle when I last talked to Mark. We make sure not to tell Emily what we have planned for the other kids so she doesn't feel like she's missing out on as much. By the time she gets home she's played in the playroom at the hospital and done crafts and all kinds of other fun stuff so she doesn't mind having missed out.

Trying to be patient but I'm anxious to see her!

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