Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Back in surgery

There is something seriously wrong with being known by almost all of the surgical staff. Of course part of it is that Emily is so social and wants to chat with everyone. And part of it is we just keep coming back.

Em went back about 7:45 but not without a fight. She did great until it was actually time to go back. I think she's just mentally worn out with all of this. She started crying and the anesthesiologist asked her if she wanted me to go back to the OR with her. So I donned some lovely (huge) scrubs/covers--which did make Emily giggle because they were so big--and went back to the OR. She was nearly hysterical by the time they gave her the mask but thankfully the gas works pretty quickly and she was under in just a minute.

Before surgery you meet with lots of people and when we met with one of the anesthesiologists she asked me a question about Emily's sutures while she was looking in her mouth. I leaned over and nearly fell over when I saw her mouth.

Her tongue flap was completely dislodged and sitting on her tongue.

When the surgeon came his comment was "We have some work to do today!"

As it turns out (and what wasn't exactly clear earlier) she will be admitted after surgery. Apparently when they wire the jaw shut they nearly always admit to keep on eye on the airway and ability to swallow.

She's got about a three-hour surgery today. I'm going to just keep breathing.

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