Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Still moving

Life is moving at breakneck speed here. I can't even remember what we did last weekend, but I know it's been cold and the kids haven't been outside until today. They should sleep well tonight after gymnastics and cup stacking this morning and then playing in the snow this afternoon.

We've been waiting on the hyperbaric oxygen approval from insurance before we could move forward. We finally got approval today for twelve visits but since I was concerned her mouth is not healing again I wanted to wait until we met with her surgeon before we committed. Emily's having weekly post-op follow-ups with her surgeon so we saw him again today. He thinks everything he can see looks pretty good and appears to be healing so we're going to start hyperbaric oxygen tomorrow. We'll be doing visits from 2:30-4:30pm every day for the next two and half weeks.

I still haven't figured out all of the logistics for this. We'll be missing speech twice and it will make Thursdays a nightmare but it will be worth it if it helps Emily heal.

I seem to be on a roller coaster of "God's totally got this" and "I'd like to crawl into a hole for the next few months" which I'm guessing is probably normal. I hate saying "Emily, don't talk!" every minute (literally) because even though her jaw is wired shut she is still talking. Earlier today I was on fire and ready to go and just knew we could make this all work. Then we got home and now I think I'd like to turn my life over to someone else to run for a few weeks. And then I think isn't that what God's supposed to do...if I let Him?

Prayers for my sanity are much appreciated, as well as whatever help God thinks we need now. I must confess to not even knowing exactly what it is we need although I think I'm going to be looking for someone to sit with the kids in the lobby of the wound care center while Emily is getting her treatment. I'll be able to go back and forth but especially for the first few treatments I need to be back with her some. Since the center is not normally available for pediatrics they had to get some pediatric riders and one of the conditions is that there will be a pediatric anesthesiologist monitoring her during her treatments. This means there will always be someone extra back with her and she'll love having an extra person to give her attention.

So that's today.

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