Thursday, February 13, 2014

Still breathing

I had the day planned out pretty well, I think. I had a dentist appointment at 7am. Then we'd do school from 8-9:30 and head to speech, taking any work that wasn't done. Then home to eat lunch and make dinner before heading to the oxygen treatment at 2:30. Then swing by home at 5pm to pick up dinner and get the kids changed for gymnastics.

Yeah, and then the wound care center called and asked if we'd mind coming in at 1:30pm to do some paperwork?

So we barely got lunch in after speech before heading back up to the hospital campus for the afternoon. I got a little bit of dinner prep done but not as much as I needed.

Emily's first oxygen treatment went well. She had to put on adult-size scrubs since they don't usually treat pediatric patients (the previous youngest patient was 17). We both giggled over her "clown clothes" and then she climbed up on the bed. She was a little nervous going into the chamber but did great once she was in there! She got to watch TV for two hours so that kept her pretty occupied.

I bounced back and forth between the treatment room and the lobby, giving three practice spelling tests and grading math work. We did finally get everyone's work done. :)

The other kids haven't seen Emily's "sliding bed" (as she calls it) so they kept asking me if she was going to look different when she was done today. I think they were a little worried about what we were doing to her back there. But no harm done; she came out talking up a storm ("stop talking, Emily...stop talking, Emily") and is ready to go back tomorrow. It will be good to have two days of this and then a break before we go every day next week...and the next. 

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