Friday, February 07, 2014

No surgery yet

Emily's follow-up went really well. As expected, her surgeon cannot fix the top arch bar without going in to the OR and sedating her. He doesn't want to do that and neither do I. Emily has been pretty traumatized both emotionally and mentally by this whole process. We ran into a doctor in the hallway yesterday at Children's and he was chatting with the kids. I noticed he was a surgeon (neurosurgeon) and mentioned that "he's a surgeon, like Dr. ...". Emily went completely still and just stared at him.

So yeah, no more surgeries until we remove everything.

Her surgeon took off some of the wires that had been attaching the top arch bar to her teeth and I had already cut the rubber bands off of the front few brackets. Now we just leave it. Since it's not actually there to stabilize her jaw--just to keep her from talking and moving her tongue--it should still be able to do the job.

That made this morning very happy for me. It was a quick visit to the surgeon and the news was as good as could be expected. I'll take it.

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