Tuesday, February 04, 2014

On the tenth floor again :)

It makes me giggle every time we come up here and one of the nurses says "you look really familiar...have you been here recently?"

We're up on the tenth floor and I'm watching the snow while Emily naps. She's doing really well but she is not enjoying not being able to talk. She's already gone to the bathroom and had good urine output but it was a little green so the nurse sent it to the lab.

Everything apparently went well with the surgery; it was just a bit more extensive than planned. The surgeon scraped off some of what he had thought to be healthy tissue (in previous surgeries) that turned out to really just be granulation tissue (which means it wasn't really healthy tissue to encourage tissue growth of the flap). Hopefully that will give her flap a better surface to adhere to and grow on.

Right now she's not complaining of any pain or nausea but she's really really frustrated by not being able to talk. Please pray that she will be able to adjust to this for the next few weeks. We have a PECS flip book (pictures to help her communicate) from speech therapy but it's just not going to match her normal level of conversation.


Jenn said...

Will keep you all, especially Emily, in my prayers!

Thuy said...

Praying that these next few weeks for her go by very quickly. I honestly can't imagine not being able to talk for a few weeks. :( So glad things went well, though! Praying for rest for her mama and papa, too.