Sunday, December 02, 2007

Backpost #1

We arrived at the St Louis airport at 8:30am thanks to Micah and Tiffany. The flight on AA was uneventful but the plane was tiny! Only 3 seats across and only overhead bins above the two seats. It was nearly full but also a fairly short flight to New York-JFK so not too bad. When we arrived at JFK we were in terminal 8. There weren’t any clear signs for Aerosvit, but I remembered Nataliya had mentioned on her blog needing to go to terminal 4 for Aerosvit, so we headed for the Airtrain and took the train that said “to all terminals”. We passed terminal 7, then 5/6, then arrived at 4. We found the Aerosvit desk pretty easily (Row 8, far left) and there was quite a line. Aerosvit does not do online check-in so everyone has to go through the line to get a boarding pass. When we finally got our boarding passes, we went straight through security without looking at our seat assignments. After getting to the gate, we realized we had been assigned seats apart, 14A and 15A. There was no one at the gate to help change the seats, and we didn’t want to go back through security, so we had to wait. The flight ended up being delayed about 3 hours, so we left JFK at about 9:30pm. Once onboard, we switched Mark’s bulkhead seat with the man who was supposed to be sitting next to me. I was pleasantly surprised by the flight. Plenty of room, and the seats are 2-3-2, so we had two seats to ourselves and lots of room to stretch out. We were served dinner about 1 hour after we took off. Dinner consisted of a shrimp appetizer, delicious soft bread (small loaf), pasta/beef/chicken entrĂ©e, vegetables, and a lemon dessert, then tea or coffee. Mark had the pasta (something filled with spinach!) and I had the chicken. After dinner Mark slept almost the rest of the flight, and I slept off and on in about 30 minute increments, until I was finally able to sleep for about an hour. We had breakfast about an hour before we landed (scrambled eggs, sausage link, fruit, and a croissant) with tea or coffee following.

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