Thursday, December 13, 2007

Internet at last

Yes, we really and truly have internet thanks to Kenny! And who is Kenny? Well, let me back up... (this will probably be long :) )

After our SDA appointment on Tuesday (a week and a half ago), we had to stick around Kyiv and wait for our referral papers. Those can usually be picked up the day after your appointment between 5 and 6pm. In the meantime, we tried to get train tickets to head to the Donetsk region but everything was already sold. We finally managed to get tickets on Wednesday about 3pm, then picked up our referral papers and headed to the train. The train overnight was great--we were all asleep within half an hour of getting on the train. I woke up a few times when we would stop for more than a few minutes, but overall it was a great night's sleep. We saw the boys for the first time Wednesday morning during an interesting meeting with the orphanage director. We saw the boys again that afternoon in their groupas and decided to stay in town at a hotel not far from the orphanage so that we could file all of the necessary paperwork on Thursday. Thursday was paperwork and seeing the boys for about half an hour.

Okay, so a few explanations in the middle of the story. The boys are in the same region (Donetsk) as our facilitator's family, but about an hour and a half away from Kostya's hometown of Gorlovka. So when it looked like we wouldn't be able to see the boys over the weekend (including Friday) due to an orphanage inspection (or something like that), Kostya's church started looking for a place for us to stay in Gorlovka instead of staying in the hotel in the boys' town. As it worked out, there is a couple here from the states named Lora and Kenny who have started a ministry (the church Kostya attends) here with their family. As part of their work, they have purchased an extra apartment that is used for various purposes, including housing visitors, and the guy who was using it left the Friday we arrived in Gorlovka so they offered it to us as a place to stay. We are so grateful!! :) The apartment has a kitchen, a washer/dryer, and high-speed internet. We have been so blessed by their generosity. In addition, we have been surrounded by the church family here who are praying diligently for us (and were even before we arrived). On Sunday, we attended church and on Wednesday the adult Bible study where Lora served homemade chili...yum! And today we were able to go see their project which is really a labor of love. Kenny and Lora have purchased a large building to be used as a foster care home and they are in the process of completely renovating it. The intention is to end up with several apartments that will house families who will foster children here in Gorlovka until they are adopted. Since we are still having laptop problems, Kenny loaned us a laptop he had so that we would be able to access the internet from the apartment we are staying in. Thanks, Kenny and Lora and our whole church family in Gorlovka! :) :)

Back to the boys...we hired a driver to take us back and forth to the orphanage every day. The visits have been going well although it's hard being in a very small room. Not much space for two active boys to run around. :) We're hoping to be able to take them outside tomorrow. They are loving the snacks we bring--peanut butter crackers and goldfish and juice boxes. We're making them ask for the food we bring in English--in fact, I think their first official English word is "cracker". We'll be taking yogurt tomorrow as well. We are doing absolutely no candy or sweets--they've got plenty of energy without any of that. ;) As most of you know, we won't be showing pictures of the boys until after court, except for this one... :)


Julie said...

I have no words... I wish I could just hug you guys right now! I am blown away at the blessing after blessing you have received. It makes my heart so happy :)

Any idea of when you'll return to the US with your boys?

Nataliya said...

The picture is absolutely precious! The boys are adorable even if we can't see them!

Debbie said...

What a sweet picture of your boys looking at your photo album. I'm so thrilled for you!

I love hearing how the church in Gorlovka has surrounded you with its prayers and love. God is so good! It's wonderful how He gives us brothers and sisters all over the world.

ColleenD said...

I am hanging on your every word as you make progress towards bringing your boys home.
And I am absolutely green with envy that you are there in Kosty's hometown.
Please give him a huge hug from me. Tell him that I still pray for him every day. Tomorrow (Friday) will be one year to the day that we said goodbye and God Bless you to Kostya, Olga and Nikita and headed back home with our own precious Nikita!

Kevin and Krista said...

What a great story! That is a wonderful ministry. We were just at my husband's work Christmas party tonight. His boss is retiring young and is going to do volunteer work for a group who helps couples afford international adoption. It is so neat to know that there are people all over the world with the same goals in mind.

The boys looks so sweet from behind. :)

Tweet Tweet said...

We are praying for your successful adoption and journey back to St. Louis ... you MUST change your last name to OlmsteadSKI to keep your boys happy. We miss you and your flying hands. Maybe your boys will understand ASL??? Enjoy your time in your temporary adopted country with your boys.

adoptedthree said...

Just precious! Look at those little sweet hands and heads, so kissable!!

Jane said...

I bet you are so excited. The photo gave me goosebumps, they look adorable. Hopefully, I'll get to see them one day.... You know I have LOADS of little boys clothes!!!!!

Cathy said...

Hey guys!

Ok, so we're *still* crying... Tears of Joy, course! We're so excited!

You and your boys were lifted in prayer Wednesday night. The congregation of Grace United Methodist is praying for all of you.


E said...

I am awestruck by God's amazing blessings for you and your family. You have waited so faithfully and God is delivering everything you have prayed for and then some. What a blessing.


howellparent2 said...

Those are the cutest little heads I've ever seen! What an awesome God we serve and what wonderful blessings he bestows!

We're still praying!

Kurt & Becky