Friday, January 23, 2009

Another stage least I'm hopeful that's what it is.

Zhenya has been having some serious issues at school with pushing. He doesn't do it particularly maliciously, but he is pushing nonetheless and we want it stop. Today he managed to go the whole day without pushing anyone--that was quite an accomplishment compared to the past few days!

He still had some behavior issues at school, but I think more than anything he's just bored a lot of the time--maybe bored isn't quite the right word...he's just not doing a preferred activity. He would much prefer to be up and running around than sitting at a desk. We joke that he's going to become our engineer, because he loves to be manipulating things with his hands. He's always coming home with paper creations he has "built" and he loves building with anything he can get his hands on.

Unfortunately for him, life involves a lot of non-preferred activities, and he's going to have to learn that in order to do the fun stuff, sometimes you need to wade you way through the not-so-fun stuff!

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DoveFamily said...

Zhenya and William seem to be alike in many ways! Like Z, our W has a tough time sitting still. When we went for his teacher conference in the fall, she commented that he always has lots of energy (her polite way of saying he can't sit still). We've also discovered that his best days are the days when he is learning something new, while his worst days are the days that are spent on skills he's already mastered. Like Z, we have to remind our son that not everything will be fun, but it's all part of life and of growing up.