Monday, January 19, 2009

All is quiet

Mark is still at a church meeting and the boys are in bed so the house is blissfully quiet. I should be organizing my adoption documents (which I mostly did earlier today, but I want to get a spreadsheet set up) but I though you all needed an update. :)

Yesterday we didn't visit the house, but I forgot to mention in my previous post that when we were there on Saturday we had dumpsters in the yard. That meant the roofers would be starting soon; as in, today! Not only that, but I got a call from our roofer this afternoon that they had finished(!) the roof. This was a total tear-off and replacement of a flat roof, ~1300 sq ft of roof. I was in shock that they had finished so quickly (they had estimated 2 days) but he said "well, there was a chance of snow flurries tonight so I thought we better just get it done." Is that an amazing work ethic or what??

Also, Mark had his adoption physical today. Prospective adoptive parents, take note: Our doctor is wonderful, and she's done these forms for us before, but I still take no chances. I typed in all of the information necessary on the forms so that all that needed to be done was for them to be signed and notarized. Signed and notarized! I also (*sly grin*) sent two copies of the form for each of us. We only need one, but I figured it couldn't hurt to have two. While the doctor was going over Mark's form, she started to write a number somewhere and then crossed it out, initialed it, and said "they should be okay with that." OH NO THEY WILL NOT! I don't know about other countries, but Ukraine is notoriously picky about their medical forms--there are to be no whiteouts, no cross-outs, no anything-that-looks-like-a-mistake. But...we've done this before, which is why I sent two forms. She only messed up one of Mark's forms; the other one is fine. The dossier is nearly complete.


Minus the one document from the new law that went into effect in the beginning of December. We have to have some kind of legal document in regards to our house. Problem is, we rent our house (and won't be in any other house until after our dossier is submitted). And we don't have a rental agreement. So we're still working out this one last document in terms of what exactly we need and how we need to go about getting it.


Christine said...

Wow--- you guys are moving fast!

Courtney said...

I always laugh when people say that, because we started our homestudy in September, so it will be about 6 months from starting that to having the dossier. Is that fast? I know we got our 171H MUCH faster this time around. I guess I just don't know what a normal timeline is. :)

Tami said...

You're almost there! :)
BTW - I think I've fixed the commenting problem on DIY. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

Wow... what a journey. Looking at your expenses list is just shocking. I knew adoption was expensive, but I didn't know exactly HOW much. Whew. What a testimony to God's greatness that's He's seeing you through this journey. May you hold your girls in your arms SOON!

schoolmother said...

I'm so glad you thought to send two of the medical forms. You are so right about UKR being majorly picky on those forms. We did my husband's form over 5 or 6 times the first time we adopted from there before we finally got it all correct. I finally typed everything, too.