Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's ours!

We finally closed on our new house yesterday. It has been a very long process, and it was made longer by the fact that we didn't have our final number (the amount we needed to bring) for closing until after closing was supposed to have started. The funny thing was that we were told to plan on a certain amount to be due at closing. Then a couple of weeks ago that number dropped by about 20%. Then yesterday, when we got the "final" number it had dropped another 25%. And now that it's all said and done, we're getting a check back for $330 since we overpaid at closing! We still had to pay money, but about half of what we were originally planning which was really nice.

We'll be working at the new house this weekend to get things ready for the contractors (plumbing and roof) to come in in the next couple of weeks. We're planning on being in the house by the end of February, and there are a few things that we need to get done in that time as well. It's a little crazy, but better to do it now than after the girls get home. It would have been really crazy to have 6 of us and 2 dogs living in our tiny little house we're in now. God has truly given us a wonderful gift in this house, and I'm hoping we can use every square inch of it for His glory!


Tami said...

Pictures. We need pictures!
Do you still have the fixer-upper you were working on before you got the boys?

Audrey said...

Congrats! What a blessing!

MamaPoRuski said...

Please post the before and after pics too!

Tina said...

Yea!!! Great news, guys! We're excited for you! (Do you ever sleep??) I'm glad you guys had a good experience with your closing costs...Ours for re-financing was infuriating (Last minute, they wanted to raise it by 80% of the original estimate...ha!)

Sarah Halter said...

Congratulations!! So you move into the new house and keep working on the old "new" house? It won't be quite as convenient when it's not down the street!

You know what, I need to recommit to using every inch of our house for God's glory too, because it was also quite a gift, but I don't think I've been very faithful in it.

How do the boys like the new house?

Courtney said...

Tami, yes, we still have the other house. The problem is that it's only a 2-bedroom. We had originally planned on turning it into a 3-bedroom but it turned out not to be possible. That left us with a small problem. ;)

We're still finishing up the other one (we got delayed by some structural work) and hope to have it finished this spring. Unfortunately, a lot of the work to be done requires large chunks of money, so we're trying to balance all of this (houses and adoption).

The boys are very excited about the "big" house, too! Zhenya told Mark the other day when they drove by that he wanted to live in that house. :)