Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to school

Whew. We made it through the weekend--just barely. Zhenya didn't even get to stay in his Sunday school class...he went to Mark's class because he refused to listen and obey. He did pretty well there with nothing to do but listen. ;)

Because we had been having so many issues, I sent a note to Zhenya's teacher today explaining that we had been having obedience issues. I wanted her to know that we were aware of the situation and that she was free to discipline him as necessary in the classroom. I was afraid she would give a little more leeway since it was the day after vacation and he doesn't need ANY leeway right now! :) I also told Zhenya that I was sending a note to Mrs. H.

I talked to Mrs. H after school. Her comment was "This is the most energy I have ever seen him have" which is pretty significant since he was pretty high-energy at the start of school. He lost two of his clothepins at school today so he had to sit when he got home. I know--making a high-energy kid sit is just going to make things worse, right? Except it doesn't. It gives him a chance to unwind and refocus, instead of just letting his energy and disobedience feed and cycle. He did great this afternoon and evening and I anticipate that tomorrow will be a much better day at school.

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