Friday, January 09, 2009


The view when you first walk in

Looking at the front doors from the stairs

One of the three antique mantels (for the three non-working fireplaces)

Looking from the dining room into the living room

One of the two built-in butler's pantries

A lot of the work that we want to do (probably pretty obviously!) is cosmetic. Painting, cleaning, etc., so we'll be putting a lot of sweat equity in over the next several months (and possibly years!). But it really is a great house for lots of kids and being able to have lots of people over. We'll finally have a house again where we can host a Bible study! There are approximately 7 rooms that can be used as bedrooms--guess how many kids that is?! LOL


Tami said...

It'll be an awesome house! I love older homes. They have so much character. Sometimes too much for my pocketbook! :) Enjoy the new place! :)

Sarah Halter said...

That looks like a fabulous house! Sounds like lots of room for kiddos! :)

Leslie said...

Amazing! I am officially jealous (in a good way!)

Julie said...

that. looks. awesome. I love it :)

Tina said...

I am sure you guys picked a winner. Looks great!

Journey to our Ukrainian Angel said...

What a gorgeous home!!!

I have a question for you. When you guys travel to get the girls, would you mind if I sent you pictures of Georgiy for his caregivers since Eve was in the same groupa?

The Flying Eagle said...

It is beautiful! We have packed our bags - we are moving in :-) Just kidding! What a wonderful home for some lucky children.

Sandy said...

Didn't you and Mark just work endlessly on another house? For those of us in the dark, please let us know what happened to the house that we say pictures of on the blog being demo-ed about the time you were going to get the boys.
With a house this size, you will catch up to Tanya in no time at all!

Courtney said...

A, definitely send us pictures! I would love to take pictures to them! I'll be posting on here when we get our travel date so we can arrange to get the pictures from you.

Sandy, yes, and we still have the other house. They problem is that when we bought it we intended to turn it into a 3 bedroom, and that was not possible (it can only be a 2 bedroom--we found out while designing plans with the architect after we bought the house). So while we are still trying to finish that one up we can't move into it and needed something bigger (although we weren't planning on this big!) for the soon-to-be 6 of us.

Tonya said...

It looks great!!! 7 bedrooms means at least 10 kids if you keep one room for a guest room and one is the master. If you put more than two kids to a room (I have already planned out how this could work beautifully cause I have ideas of my own...) you can beat out the Duggars - and you KNOW this is a contest, don't you???:):):).