Thursday, February 17, 2011

Few minutes to update

I have a few minutes before we jump back on the train to head to Kyiv so here's a quick update.

Court was great!! 30 minutes, and a super friendly and nice judge. We were asked lots of questions (even by the jurors) but the judge said she liked all of our answers and couldn't find any reason not to approve the adoption. :)

After court we went to the orphanage to see the girls and tell them we were going home to get things ready for them. Bianca cried. She told Sasha (our interpreter) she was afraid we won't come back for her. :( :(

We then went to a notary for a POA and passport application for the girls. Our tentative plan is for me to come back here next weekend by myself and Mark will meet me and the girls in Kyiv to do the Embassy part after we have finished the rest of the paperwork (birth certificates and Ukrainian passports), so we needed a POA for me to be able to do that without Mark here.

Now we're back at the Amstor for lunch (at 2:30; was very happy we had packed some granola bars for today in anticipation of no time to eat!) and we'll be heading to the train station shortly for the overnight train to Kyiv. We should be able to update again from Kyiv. We'll get there in the morning and will leave early Saturday morning to head back to the States. Our kids don't know when we're supposed to get home yet, just in case we run into some flight delays.

Providing everything goes as scheduled, we'll be at church on Sunday as a family! :)


David&Monica said...

YEA!!!! So happy to hear that everything went so smoothly. They are so cute and look so happy!

Mark - only 1 more and you will have your own baseball team :-)

MamaPoRuski said...

I have so missed your latest journey, so sorry! So glad to see things went well and you are on the downhill journey to bring the girls HOME! God bless, and know I am praying NOW :)!

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Courtney ~ Bianca and Julia are beautiful! Congratulations! ~ Jo