Monday, February 07, 2011

More pictures

At the far end of Kreshatik (away from Independence Square and right around the corner from TGIF) is a grocery store called Billa. When you walk in you go to the left through produce, dairy, deli, bread, packaged meat and cheese, tea and coffee, candy, cereal, crackers, pasta, seafood, dried and salted fish. Downstairs is water, juice, soda, beer, wine, and toiletries, including feminine items, toilet paper, toothpaste, kleenex, and shampoo. Decent prices and the cash register displays face out so you can see how much you need to pay. :)

Independence Square

O'Panas (a yummy Ukrainian restaurant with English menus)

The opera house


Tamara said...

O'Panas!!! Oh, the memories! :) Wish we were there with you right now. ;)

Jefferson Hunt said...

Wow! Wow! Night photos! They are beautiful. And, how cool! I've been there...and there...and there. I was afraid to go out at night, though, so I really didn't get to see the city lights. I made it to TGI Fridays, but I didn't know about the grocery around the corner. We also went to O'Brien's Irish Pub, 17a Mykhailivska, Kiev, Ukraine, 8044-2291584 | which I very much enjoyed. It doesn't get good reviews on the web, but it was somewhat USA-ish familiar to me. And, we got to see a bit of our son's "Irish" temper. But, we spent most of our time along the Black Sea in Mykolayiv Distirct.

The McEacherns said...

I'm excited to know there's a Billa downtown. We usually stop at the one on the way into town from the airport. Nice night shots, by the way!

Our mission said...

Glad to hear your SDA apt went well to get Candice's referral....and we look forward to hearing about the other little girl once you know your plans :) Praying for you!
love, the Adamsons