Sunday, February 20, 2011


We arrived home Saturday evening about 5:30pm. The flights were great and we actually managed to get exit rows for two of them (no, not the really long one ;)).

Poor Emily put her hands on her hips when we got home and said "Where are my sisters??" She is very proud to tell you she has two new sisters names Julia and Bianca. All of the kids are really excited to get the girls home, which is so sweet.

Now it's back into the swing of things for a week. We had lots of school papers to go through and we let the kids sort their Valentines yesterday--that was on hold until we got home.

We've had two meltdowns since getting home from two different kids. I was just happy they were at two different times. I fully expected this since they are all on emotional overload with us being gone for a couple of weeks and then being home again.

And while we were traveling, Bianca turned six. So for those of you keeping track, it's 8 (Alex), 7 (Tim), 7 (Danielle), 6 (Bianca), 5 (Emily), 5 (Julia). And yes, we've already nearly had heart attacks at the thought of what our household will be like in 10 years!! ;)


Tamara said...

Oh! The chaos and hormones! How fun! :) It will be awesome! :) Can't wait until you can bring those two girls home.

Anonymous said...

Landon Kissacks cousin in Canada.

:) :) :) :) :) :)

David&Monica said...

Oh what fun!!! Not to dampen things but it really is only 5-6 years until they will start to metamorphisis into aliens....In 10 years they will return to normal :-)

Bethany said...

Welcome Home!!!

Tonya said...

I was trying to keep up so I'm glad you posted ages.:) Are you putting all 4 girls in the same room?

Christine said...

Welcome home! And congrats again!

BT said...

Huge congratulations! And thanks for putting the ages out there -- I hadn't quite figured out just how much chaos you have set yourselves up for. Ahhhh, happiness.

Our mission said...

Glad you made it home...I know its so hard for them to understand the delay...doesn't make sense :)
You will have a busy but blessed home and they will all be great friends and companions for each other. I know many wonderful "teenagers" who are such a joy to their will be blessed by investing in their lives. Praying for you !
(ours are 1,3,4,4,5,6,8,11 and 13 now) love the Adamsons
ps our girls love sleeping all in the same room :)
love, the Adamsons