Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yesterday and today

Yesterday and today have been pretty much the same: visiting with the girls morning and afternoon. We've been sharing taxis with the Italian and French couples and it is an absolute riot when the 6 of us are together. I think one of our taxi drivers was ready to throw us out the other day. He couldn't find the orphanage so he was getting directions in English, French, Italian, and broken Russian. He was very happy to drop us off. :) :)

Both the French couple and Mark and I have court tomorrow at 10am. We aren't quite sure how that's working (since both the city social worker and the orphanage lawyer have to be at both of our courts) so we may actually have court together. My French is gradually coming back but I'm hoping to brush up a little while we're home. Both of the other couples are staying the whole time, so they will be here for our return trip.

I have eaten so much that every day I swear I'm not going to eat anymore. And then we smell some yummy Ukrainian food and I'm hungry again. It's a vicious cycle. ;)

Today we took the mashrutka (bus) to the orphanage with the other couples. They had tried it the other day but had gotten lost, so we had to convince them to try again. Mark and I have never ridden a mashrutka in all of our times in Ukraine so we really wanted to. Now we have, and it was definitely worth the 2 grivna ($0.25) each versus the 20 grivna ($2.50) for the taxi. We have a bit of a walk after we get off the mashrutka which wouldn't be bad if it was something over's a bit cold, and the windchill makes it even colder. I have been VERY glad for my thermal tights.

Tomorrow, Sasha will be here about 9 and we will pick up the social worker and the orphanage lawyer on our way to court. Court is at 10am (4am CST in the US) so we should be done by the time most of you wake up!


Julia said...

And I am looking forward tomorrow to SEEING REAL PICTURES and finding out who special child number two is!! Can't wait. Am so thrilled it worked out for you to get two! So glad - so glad! God is good. Yes He is!

Laci said...

praying for your court tomorrow! Absolutely CANNOT wait to see pictures of the girls' faces smiling in the arms of their Mommy and Daddy!!!!

Our mission said...

Praying for your court and trek back home :) We were blessed to meet an Italian, a French, ?Spanish and American couple adopting at the same time ...John and the girls said it was really funny when they met up for dinner before they left to come home with our first adoption. Blessings to you...hope your kids at home are doing well. Love, the Adamson 11