Sunday, February 06, 2011


We made it to Frankfurt! We had a minor fiasco in St Louis when Mark’s ticket was apparently issued in another name. We had known this beforehand but thought it had been fixed…apparently not. After about an hour working with the United ticket counter, we were able to get boarding passes to Chicago. But they warned us that we would need to talk to Lufthansa when we got to Chicago as they would need to correct Mark’s name on the rest of the flights.

We only had an hour in Chicago between flights, so we were a little worried that we would need to change terminals and try to get the boarding passes.

You can’t imagine our relief when we landed at gate B22 and were heading to gate B17 for our flight to Frankfurt! And then when we checked in there weren’t any problems with the boarding passes at all. We were issued passes for our flight to Frankfurt and the connecting flight to Kyiv.

The flight to Frankfurt was uneventful but really HOT. I watched “Morning Glory” (cute!) but didn’t sleep much due to the heat. Now we’re hanging out in Frankfurt waiting a couple hours for our next flight. Soon we’ll be in Kyiv!

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