Monday, December 09, 2013

At the hospital

It's finally here. The day Emily has been asking for for almost a year now.

She's having her "hole surgery".

This would also be known as a palatal fistula repair. :)

Em's back in surgery right now. It's supposed to be a 3-4 hour surgery. Mark's home with the kids (they're going to the Missouri History Museum homeschool day!) and I'm hanging out. A dear friend is on her way with coffee from Starbucks. This same sweet friend has been through a few surgeries with her girls and was able to offer some great advice as Emily and I will be spending the night here. Originally we had talked about having this surgery done in Boston but I am so glad we are home.

Please be praying for Emily. She does NOT like waking up from anesthesia (she threw up a lot after her strabismus surgery) and she is really dreading that part.

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Sara said...

What a treat to hang out with you today! An unexpected blessing on many levels. Our coffee date finally materialized! :-) I'm so glad to hear Em's out and that you have your own room! Praying for a restful night. xoxo