Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Change of plans

I got a call yesterday from surgery stating we needed to be there today at 11am. There were some details to iron out on my end so I got busy arranging everything for today. Then about 2:30pm I received a call from our surgeon's admin. An emergency case had come up and they needed to move Emily's surgery to Friday. Not a big deal--it really doesn't change a lot for us--but it has thrown me for a loop! I had planned out the entire week based on surgery on Tuesday. I cancelled speech this afternoon, planned a light week of school, set up someone to come stay with the kids until Mark could get home from work, and planned all of the meals around who would be home when...

 Now I feel completely disorganized.

The current plan is that Emily will be in the OR at 12:30pm on Friday. In the meantime we're doing a normal school week and I'm trying to readjust my mental schedule with the current actual schedule. Emily's doing well. Some of the tissue is definitely dying off and she is complaining of tissue hanging down in her mouth. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it; the surgeon will clean it up on Friday.

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Heather Patterson said...

Oh boy, hang in there, Courtney! Talk about throwing things for a loop! I guess it's ok then that we haven't yet finished the book for Emily! Now the goal will be to give it to you by tomorrow so that you can take it to the hospital. It'll be nice for Emily to open it after she's up from surgery, yes?