Monday, December 30, 2013

Surgery update

Hopefully I'll get a chance to post about Christmas but I want to get some pictures loaded onto my computer first. Instead I thought I'd update on Emily.

This surgery has been much more frustrating for me than the first. Right after her first surgery (as soon as she stopped throwing up) her speech sounded great. She could say all of her sounds and was very clear. She sounds terrible this time! I keep trying to convince myself that it's because the surgeon used a different flap and it's sitting across her mouth differently, but her speech is just awful. She sounds like she did before the first surgery when she didn't have her retainer in. We have her follow-up appointment on Friday and we'll see what the surgeon says. I'm hoping for really great news but totally expecting the worst.

In the meantime she's on an entirely liquid diet so she's had smoothies, soups that I can puree, and things like mashed potatoes that I can add milk to and blend to a drinkable consistency. She's ready to chew again. I get comments quite frequently like "It's a lot more fun to chew than drink, Mama." ;) We've saved her some cake, Christmas cookies, and candy in the freezer for when she can eat again.

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