Tuesday, December 10, 2013

One more night

Emily had a really good day after about 7am. She has been up and walking around and NO MORE PUKING. She only ate a few bites throughout the day but ate quite a bit more at dinner and is drinking much better since they turned her IV down. Our attending physician came in to see her about 6pm and said "everything looks good, see you tomorrow morning" so I took that to mean that we were staying.

The one thing she is not happy with right now is the taste of Tylenol with codeine. She hates it but they're not giving her any meds through her IV now so she's stuck with it. Hoping for an early release in the morning. I'm ready to get home and see the kitchen cabinets Mark has been busy putting in while I've been relaxing in the hospital!

I did point out to her that she can say her S's now--without wearing her retainer! She was super surprised about that. She is so used to wearing it all the time that she hadn't thought about the fact that it wasn't in--and people could still understand her. Her jaw literally dropped when I told her. Too cute.

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