Wednesday, December 11, 2013


We made it home about lunchtime today. The rest of the kids were at gymnastics with Mark so Emily and I had the house to ourselves to get unpacked. She is feeling great all things considered. The left side of her face is swollen and a bit tender, but she hates the Tylenol with codeine. I didn't give her a choice on taking it at bedtime. She doesn't settle down and go to sleep when she's in pain. I'll let her live with it during the day as long as she is eating, but she's got to sleep at night. Hopefully she'll only need it for a couple of days.

Everyone was glad to have mama home (and mama was VERY glad to be home as well). One of my favorite things about coming home was seeing all of the work Mark did in the kitchen over the last two days. All of the new cabinets on the west wall are in! No countertops yet (not until all of the base cabinets are set) but it opened up our kitchen so much to take that huge, non-functional peninsula/island out and have real cabinets.

The kids have been enjoying their week off of school. Since we've only taken one day off of school since starting in August (no, we did not take Thanksgiving off--we worked Thursday AND Friday!) I think we've all earned a break, and I knew it would be hard for them to concentrate with the difference in schedules. So Monday they did the homeschool day at the Missouri History Museum, Tuesday was speech and gymnastics for the boys, and today was sport stacking for all and gymnastics for the girls. Tomorrow is speech and a Christmas party, so we'll end the week with a fun evening and relax on Friday!

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