Friday, July 03, 2009

Ask and you shall receive!

During one of our many visits to St Louis Children's Hospital, I scraped the top of our van on one of the sprinkler lines in the parking garage. I was frustrated about the scrape, particularly since I've driven through that spot in the parking garage many times, but I was more concerned about the fact that we will be going to Children's many more times over the next few...months?...years?? ;) and I didn't want to keep scratching the top of the van.

So I called Children's and explained what had happened. After being transferred to security and then to parking, I was transferred to the head of parking/security. I asked if there was somewhere else I could park to avoid hitting the top of the van. I now have the woman's office and cell phone number and she told me to call any time we are coming in and they will make sure there is a spot available for us. The first two levels of the parking garage are higher but they are almost all handicapped spaces and the ones that are not are usually full. They can allow us to park there or they can reserve spots in a parking lot across the street from the garage. The woman was super nice and so willing to help, but I never would have even known there were options if I hadn't called!

I took advantage of it this morning and it was wonderful. I called and let them know we were coming and they had a spot reserved for us by the time we got there. No more scratching the top of the van (at least in this parking garage!). And you can bet if we need to go somewhere else (hotels, etc.) I will be asking about alternatives to low parking garages! :)


MoserUpdates said...

I have a commander, so I don't have that problem, but I HATE parking garages and avoid them like the plague. Good job...I probably woulnd't have called or known what to do. Never hurts to ask!

Christine said...

Good for you. That happened to us once but it was at the insistance of the parking attendant who stood there and watched our van get scratched. Thankfully, they paid to have it repaired.

How is Danielle doing?

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing this story! It proves that there ARE nice people in the world :) So thankful that worked out for you... and that it will continue to work out!