Saturday, July 04, 2009

Dentist appointment

The boys' dental appointment went great! They love their pediatric dentist and are always so excited to go there (it probably doesn't hurt that they've never had to have any work done!). The dentist said their teeth look great--no cavities and minimal plaque. I had been concerned that the boys' teeth might not be in very good condition since we've been letting them brush their teeth by themselves. However, the lack of soda and sweets in their diet apparently makes a big difference in keeping their teeth healthy (go figure! LOL).

And...Dima has a loose tooth!!!

It's one of his bottom front teeth. I'm so excited because I was really beginning to wonder if he was ever going to lose any teeth, and since he just turned 7 it seemed like he should be losing some by now. As it turns out, only a few of his kindergarten classmates lost teeth this year, so I don't think he's really as far behind as he seems. The dentist said many kids don't lose any teeth until second grade so age-wise I think he's right on target!

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