Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Eye doctor follow-up

Danielle had her one week follow-up appointment this morning. The opthalmologist said all of her measurements look great. Her right eye appears to be drifting a little bit towards the outside, but is "nothing to be concerned about." So we won't be! :)

Her eyes do look really good. There is still some redness on the inside corners, and it is especially noticeable if she is looking to the side. Her eyes don't seem to be bothering her anymore and we've finished up with her eye drops. I'm excited that she'll be able to start school with correct depth perception!

Yesterday I had to call and cancel all of Dima's remaining OT appointments. We had been told that his OT/speech co-treatments would only require one copay, but unfortunately that turns out not to be true. And of course with insurance you don't find out until months later. So we now owe quite a bit in copays for May and June (with the therapy copays you don't pay at your visit, they bill insurance first and then you pay the hospital after insurance clears). Since we feel that at this point his speech is of the utmost importance, we're going to keep him doing that twice a week for as long as we can (i.e., as long as we have insurance that will cover it!). We've already set up his speech times for the fall to allow him to go twice a week after school. We'll see how that goes, as it's a lot for him to go to school all day and then go to speech but he really needs the help.

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