Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dental work

The girls had a dentist appointment scheduled in September, but I called yesterday to see if we could get in earlier because one of Emily's teeth has really been bothering her. They were able to get us in today.

That was the good news.

Actually, Danielle's visit went really well. No concerns for her teeth, continue with good brushing and flossing, etc.

But poor little Emily's going to be going under anesthesia again. And this time she's going to be out for quite a bit longer--they estimate all of her work will take about an hour and a half. She's going to have a (or maybe two, I can't remember) root canal and will have a bunch of other work done as well. She has a lot of decay on her teeth, particularly her back molars (where the root canal will be done). The dentist doesn't want to pull her teeth as the lack of those molars will cause problems when her adult teeth start coming in. Right now her dental work is scheduled for September, but they are hoping they might be able to fit her in next week since it's causing her so much pain.


Bethany said...

Oh, poor girl! It is no good to have tooth pain. Then, even chocolate can't fix it!

Anonymous said...

2 great things to help: one is Dial soap. If you put a little wet Dial on fresh mosquito bites they will go away and never bother a person again. If no Dial is a t hand, other soaps seem to work just as well.

2- at the Body Shop they sell Peppermint Foot lotion. It is what I call a bruise buster. Rub it on some bumps and the bruises won't come. I've never put it on a scrape though. It;s just great for a stiff neck or a back ache, too. It's natural ingredient is arnica montana, a flowering plant. I think they use the whole plant in making it- but am not sure. Anyway, it's also wonderful 'aroma therapy' too!! I love this stuff!

Christy said...

Poor thing. Phillip had to have extensive dental work done as well. Hope they can get her in soon and all goes well.

We should get our kids together for a playdate when things settle down.

BT said...

Hello. Fellow Ukraine adoptive mom delurking. When we returned from Ukraine with our sons in 2005 the then 5-year old needed extensive dental work, and we did it under general anes. Of the 22 teeth he had at the time, 14 needed extensive work. Of his 8 molars, one ended up being an extraction, and the other 7 were root canals. We were so worried. But when we got him home that night, he wanted to eat dinner. And in his only-4-months-home version of english, he told us "it doesn't hurt to eat." He looked so surprised when he said it. I am still saddened by the thought that being in pain had become so normal to him that being without pain was a surprise. Now his teeth are perfect. Hope all goes will with your little Emily.

Tami said...

Poor baby. Hopefully she'll be feeling much better once the work is done! :)