Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am nothing if not persistent

A few days ago we received a letter from Children's Hospital (where we go for therapy) stating that our insurance had been billed for a month's worth of services but had not paid.

So I called Children's to make sure that was still current, as the original letter had been sent to our old address and then forwarded. Yep, insurance still hadn't paid--and hadn't denied the claim either. AND has paid for the months since then. :)

I then checked online. No, it wasn't even showing up in my claims listing. I called the insurance company and found out they had submitted a letter to the hospital asking for progress reports from therapy the second week of June (the bill was for services from the month of April; why it takes them 6 weeks to decide to send a letter requesting documentation is beyond me). Then I called the hospital billing department. Yes, they had received the notice from the insurance company and had forwarded it on to the therapy department, but there wasn't any note on the account saying that billing had received the progress notes back from therapy to send on to insurance. She assured me she would follow up with therapy but that it wouldn't hurt if I did so as well.

I called and left a message with our therapist to give her a heads up that she was going to need to be giving somebody some progress notes, then called the therapy billing department (who know me by name). She told me she had just received the email from the hospital billing department and would be getting in touch with the therapists to get the progress notes back to hospital billing who will then send it on to insurance.


There went 4 hours of my life. ;)

And in a week or so you can bet I'll be doing follow-up calls to make sure everything got where it was supposed to be going.


Tami said...

Don't ya just LOVE dealing with all this insurance stuff. Drives me batty. I fought with the hospital and insurance company for (I kid you not) nine months about Maddie's first doctor's office visit last February. Took FOREVER. AUGH!

Erika said...

I just spent three hours on the phone with insurance assuring them that Sam was in fact born AND added to our insurance and therefore his first 5 doctors visits should be covered. UGH! The squeaky wheel gets teh grease. B the way it was great to see you last week. Sorry we couldn't spend more time together, Sam was a little "put out" with our vacation and decided not to sleep - at all. Parenthood is quite a ride!

MamaPoRuski said...

They should PAY you for this kind of service LOL! Good going!