Sunday, July 05, 2009

First overnight trip

The weekend started with a trip to a local parking garage on Friday night to let the kids watch the city fireworks. Danielle doesn't like the loud noise of fireworks or thunder and we didn't want to fight with the traffic and all of the people (and the rain!) so this turned out to be a great option. The boys would have preferred to be closer, but they managed to be content. They all took naps in the afternoon but it still didn't make up for how late we kept them up. :) We did baths and put pajamas on before we left for the fireworks so we could just throw them all in bed when we got home.

Saturday we left for a short overnight trip to visit family a few hours away. This was actually at the end of the trip, so you can see they did pretty well!

Saturday afternoon we went to a local park close to my mom's house to let the kids run off some of their "sitting-in-the-car" energy. :) They had a lot of fun playing with my sister and her fiance (Jon's pushing Danielle, I'm pushing Emily, and my sister is swinging).

Saturday night we did "fireworks" (little ones that don't leave the ground) in the street outside of my mom's house. The kids all loved them, although Danielle preferred to stand a little further back than the curb. ;) I think in Emily's book fireworks rank a close second to food. She had a blast!

Sunday we headed home, but not until after lunch. The kids got to spend a little bit of time with my granddad whom they all really like. The boys are always asking about my "mama's papa" when we haven't seen him for awhile.

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